Camino Espanol Learning Spanish

Available in group sessions and private
Spanish training for children
Fun & Effective Method Created by
Murnez Blades

Spanish classes for children

Spanish training for  professionals


Effective, Easy & Creative path to
Communicate Professionally in the Spanish Language

Medical Spanish Training for the Health Professionals:
Anyone involved with Spanish speaking clientele would benefit from this simple and effective course taught by an Experienced and Credentialed Bilingual Educator fluent in reading, writing, and speaking Spanish and English.

Perhaps you are a Physician, Physician's Assistants, Nurse Practitioners or Physical Therapist. Are you on an Emergency Medical Team (EMT)? Do you work for an Ambulance or Transport Service and need to communicate in Spanish. Physical Therapists and Veterinarians will also find this "prescription" system simple and effective.
Spanish Training for Children:
Children absorb language with this system by using games, visuals, songs and touch.

Students of Spanish speakers bridge the listening gap and begin speaking.
The fun techniques are not only effective but inspire children to use the language.
Spanish Training for Adult:
Beginning and Intermediate levels
Using recipes for clear, concise communication without difficult verb conjugation, the student can easily express his message in Spanish. The class is packed with visuals, songs, rhymes, movement activities and games. Each student receives a CD, song book and color visuals for mastery of the current vocabulary.
Private Sessions and Tutor Services:
Span the gap from studying with computer programs and videos to speaking, reading and writing.

Perhaps you are anxious to understand the finer points of language. When do I use "ser" (to be) and "estar" (to be)? What is the difference between "por" (for) and "para" (for)?

Do you need clarification of grammar aspects, word nuances for a course you are taking?
Translation Services:
Please click on the following for a sample translation completed for a cardiologist: Surgical Procedures translated