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Medical Spanish Training
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Spanish for Fun and Forever

Goldenwest College
Huntington Beach, CA.

July 9, 16, 23, 30, 2014
Wednesday 6:30pm - 8:30pm

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Based on recent brain research into language acquisition,
all classes are packed with
visuals, music, touch exercises, games for rapid recall.

We remember 90% of what we see, say and hear while doing it according to a study at the University of Texas.

Attention Emergency Personnel
Paramedics / EMT /Nurses / Doctors

How can Murney Blades' method help You and Your Business?
Medical Spanish Mix and Match is Easy Spanish for Health Care Professionals

With this combination system, you will be able to speak Medical Spanish immediately. As one of my students commented, "I was able to give my first Intake Exam after the first class!" Here you will find bilingual tables of sentence structures. Combine these elements into many communications. Speak with confidence. Cumbersome conjugations and grammar rules create fear of speaking Spanish.

Did you know? Asians do not conjugate (change) verbs. They convey the message using similar system to the one I propose here.
"I go store today" communicates the message "I am going to the store today".
"I go store yesterday conveys that "I went to the store yesterday."

I often hear the words: "I studied Spanish for years and cannot speak a word."

With this system, you will be speaking from the very first class. With the use of a starter, a middle (action word i.e. verb) and an ending, you will be able to communicate immediately. Build the communication you need from the prescriptions in the book.
Ex: "voy a" + examinar + la garganta.
I am going + to examine + the throat

After her first two-hour class, Yoko came to me and reported:
"I was able to give my first complete physical in Spanish."

Only 7-10% of your communication are the words we say? The remainder of your communication is your body language and your tone of voice