Camino Espanol Learning Spanish

Medical Spanish Mix and Match provides health care professionals with effective tools to communicate in Spanish with patients. Relying on more than forty years of teaching experience, author Murnez Blades, shares simple, direct methods to learn medical Spanish.

Using this program, you can learn to greet and part effectively, extract the information you need from your patients, and further develop your Spanish-speaking skills. This guide presents lessons to help you be courteous to your patients and to begin communicating immediately. It includes

    - practice exercises & answers;
    - bilingual tables for mix and match sentence building;
    - bilingual clinical history structured for yes/no responses;
    - bilingual intake exam;
    - bilingual translations in word groups for further language acquisition;
    - and conversations using first- responder questions.

Chapters also include information on communication, respect in Hispanic culture, and the nature of learning. Medical Spanish Mix and Match can help you find satisfaction in making effective contributions to the health care delivery system through communicating in the language of your patients.

“This book makes learning medical Spanish easy and fun. I can now communicate effectively with my patients.” -Judy Hayes, RN

Spanish for Fun and Forever  -   CD by Murnez Blades

Music is the fastest way to imprint new information.
Because I teach 3- to 80-year-old students, I have heard them produce language heard in Spanish songs.

Dr. Oliver Sacks documents the power of music in Musicophilia. He says that: “All of us…can perceive musical tones, timbre, pitch, intervals, melodic contours, harmony, and rhythm. We integrate all of these and ‘construct’ music in our minds using many parts of the brain.”

Rhythm and melody keep our attention and activate many parts of the brain. This is what imprints the language heard with music.


Click on the following links to view the pdf files for each track.

Track 1: Introduction

Listen to this track to prepare yourself to easily learn more Spanish with this CD.

Track 2: What is Your Name?

Learn how to introduce yourself and how to ask someone's name.

Track 3: Introduction to Numbers

Learn the basic Spanish numbers and practice various uses.

Track 4: Numbers

Give many types of information by using Spanish numbers.

Track 5: First Responder

Talk with a burn patient about her burn. Talk with a patient about a cut: its cause, treatment, and stitches. Talk to a child's mother about the poison eaten by the child, fear, and treatments.

Track 6: Emergency Room

Practice an intake conversation in an emergency room. Ask questions about illness, allergies, and medications. Take the patient's vitals.

Track 7: Paramedics

Discuss types of injuries. Ask the patient if the injury hurts. Ask the level of pain, and what the pain feels like.

Track 8: The Beach

Take a visit to the beach, and learn the vocabulary you would need if an accident were to occur at the beach.

Track 9: The Restaurant

Go to a restaurant with a friend. Ask for the menu and the check. Discuss the food, other patrons, and how to find the bathroom. Learn the vocabulary you would need if an accident were to occur in a restaurant.

Track 10: The Dance

Experience a dance lesson in Spanish, and learn body parts vocabulary and directions, such as up and down.

Track 11: Relaxation

Experience a relaxation exercise for calming yourself or others, and a guided, relaxation visualization with more body parts vocabulary.

Track 12: Daily Habits

Learn how to speak about daily habits. Learn how to express fear and hunger. Instruct a patient on how to get ready for tests at the hospital.

Track 13: Fire

You are a firefighter who notifies residents to evacuate their homes when a fire occurs. You are a resident who learns to understand these directions.

Track 14: Emotions

Talk with a friend about personal injuries (scars, bumps, bruises), their possible causes, and the appropriate actions to be taken. Learn to express fear and empathy for someone's fear