Camino Espanol Learning Spanish

Who can benefit form our training:
Medical Classes:
Medical Personnel, Front Office Staff, Medical Transport, Emergency Medical Team, Fire, Police
Adult Classes:
Teachers, Public employees
Children's Classes:
Often the parents learn as they work with the children.   Children of native speaker bridge the gap and speak Spanish.

How you can benefit form our services:
Speaking Spanish to customers and clients conveys the message that you care about them.
When traveling, one is received more graciously by the host country.
Any interaction with a Spanish-speaker is enhanced by your communication in their language

Requirement, what you need to be successful
The prescription system and the tools-visual, auditory, tactile-in addition to paired practice and learning games will be accessible to you from the first class.

Best Spanish Teacher

Murnez Blades - Experienced bilingual and bicultural educator fluent in reading, writing, and speaking Spanish. Credentialed by the State of California to teach Spanish and English.

Perceived, developed and implemented Spanish for the Professions, a Level IV college level course accepted as credit by the University of California system.

Developed a cost-effective cross-cultural program with day excursions and live-in study trips to Baja California; escorted trips to Spain.

Proven administrative abilities including program design and implementation.
Outstanding organizational and interpersonal skills.

What We Do and Who We Serve

CAMINO ESPAÑOL, is the "FasTrak" Path to Learning Spanish.

Sentence "beginnings" in combination with action words enable the speaker to form thousands of grammatically correct communications. No need for cumbersome verb conjugations. Visual and tactile learning techniques speed the memory for rapid recall of vocabulary.

Games repeat a positive and negative statement, practice pronunciation and self-correction, grammar structures and vocabulary in order to practice and polish new concepts. Grammatically structured songs and catchy tunes imprint challenging structures.

"Me duele la cabeza" (the head is hurting me) could confuse a non-native speaker. By singing the song, the pattern is stamped into our mind. Music is auditory, emotional and motoric according to Oliver Sacks, author of "Musicophilia" Tales of Music and the Brain.

Suzanna Zaraysky, author of "Language is Music" speaks seven languages fluently. She acquired these languages through listening to the music and the musical qualities of the spoken word, NOT through formal grammar study. In her book , Suzanna discusses about the musicality of language.