Camino Espanol Learning Spanish

Book to Learn Spanish

Medical Spanish
Mix and Match book
provides health care
professionals with
effective tools
to communicate in
Spanish with patients.
Relying on more than forty years of teaching experience, author Murnez Blades, shares simple, direct methods to learn medical Spanish.

This guide presents lessons to help you be courteous to your patients and to begin communicating immediately. READ MORE...  ORDER YOUR BOOK

Spanish for Fun and Forever
Learn Spanish action words such as "to sing, to laugh," etc. with the children in Murnez' Blades Spanish classes.


A very Effective, Easy & Creative path created by Murnez Blade. Murnez Method is the fun amd functional way to Learn Spanish fast and easily communicate in any situation, professional or personal.

An innovative Medical Spanish program using tables of sentence starters and sentence builders enabling the student to communicate immediately in the target language. These patterns multiply Spanish synergistically.

All learning styles are incorporated into her Spanish programs through the use of visuals and tactile exercises, paired practice, games and music.